Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Life Changing Power Of Missouri Charities

The act of charitable giving has the power to change lives. Giving of one's self to help someone in need changes the lives of everyone involved. Whether you give blood, collect clothing, make a monetary donation or help build a home, one thing remains the same your choice to give of yourself makes a difference.

Charitable giving has the power to change lives. Think of all the suffering going on in the world that can be alleviated by those with means contributing towards the lives of those without. It could involve contributing toward the purchase of shoes for people in third world countries, or it could be contributing to a local mental health outreach. Whatever the case, when people become aware of the plight of others and take steps to help, it brings about the very best in the country's collective humanity and makes a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Charitable giving has the power to save lives. Just as many live in substandard conditions or have lives filled with desperation, far too many today still live in conditions, or battle diseases, that threaten their lives. Again, these people can be as far-flung as the tropics where charities arrange to purchase mosquito netting for areas ravaged by malaria, or it can be a local foundation supporting research to find a cure for breast cancer. Can there really be any more noble enterprise than giving to save another's life?

Charitable giving has the power to change the environment. Thousands of organizations exist to preserve the environment, from South American rain forests to local watersheds. In supporting these causes, the support is not only for the human populations in these areas, but animals as well. Charitable involvement in the environment also preserves the ecosystem for those who will come in the future, too.

It is those children who may benefit most from charitable giving. When people make a point to give to others, it teaches children one of the most valuable life lessons ever: compassion. Parents in this culture have unprecedented opportunities to provide for children. All too often people become too focused on providing in material ways. But how valuable is the lesson of compassion that charitable giving can teach to children and family?

Of course, charitable giving has the power to change the giver as well. Giving to others unlocks the "better angels" of one's being. The reward that comes with helping comfort someone else or saving another's life doesn't come with a price tag. It is quite simply the most valuable experience possible.

Consider how to uncover the power of Missouri charities and charitable providing and make a real difference in the lives of others, the lives of children, & most certainly, making a difference within.